Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is the Expo open to the public?
    Yes! The Expo is open to anyone with a general admission ticket. Tickets cost $6 a day or $10 both days, including all taxes and fees. Tickets go on sale 10 AM Saturday, May 12 at the Civic Auditorium Box Office.

  2. Is the Expo a retail or a wholesale event?
    It's both. You'll find great bargains from a wide variety of vendors at the Expo, and because so much of the hemp industry will be on display, and so many hemp reintroduction advocates will be here, a growing number of key hemp industry leaders and an increasingly international gathering of hemp manufacturing and distribution representatives will be here also. We are an ideal setting for wholesale contacts to be made. The Santa Cruz Industrial Hemp Expo has truly become the dominant trade show for the developing hemp industry.

  3. Is it indoors or outdoors?
    It's both. After 2 years of more booth requests than space available, we began to offer booths outside in 2000. About 2/3 of Church Street in front of the Civic is "corralled" in green fence to contain a row of booths, food vendors, some displays and a stage for live music. Booths indicated with an "x" after their number are outdoors.

  4. How do I get to Santa Cruz?
    There is a lot of useful traveler information available on our Event Info - Travel Information webpage. You'll find links and phone numbers for the Santa Cruz County Conference & Visitors Council, directions to the Civic Auditorium, some parking tips, car rental resources, a list of nearby hotels and more.

  5. When is the keynote address by California Assemblymember Virginia Strom-Martin?
    11:30 AM Saturday on the Main Stage.

  6. When is the Fashion Show?
    The Fashion Show takes place in 2 sets on the Main Stage, Saturday 3 PM and Sunday 3 PM.

  7. Where are the panel discussions?
    The panels will be held for the first time in the Santa Cruz City Council Chambers, adjacent to the Expo. They will be cablecast live by Community Television of Santa Cruz County.

  8. Can I eat at the Expo?
    The Blue Sun Cafe will be serving hot hemp food dishes from their concessions inside and out. There will be several hemp food and beverage items to sample from other vendors at the show.

  9. What's the purpose of the Santa Cruz Industrial Hemp Expo?
    To provide a positive basis for public support of hemp reintroduction. To provide a trade show setting for the developing hemp industry.

  10. Should I bring my mother?
    Bring your mother, the kids and grandpa, too! There's shopping, it's educational, it's entertaining. Fun for the whole family!

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