Show Schedule

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Main Stage Events
Saturday, May 12
10:30 AM Emcee Chris Conrad
10:45 AM Theodora Kerry and Sandra Pastorius of the Holy Hemp Sisters
11:00 AM Hempcar Live Call-In #1
11:05 AM Hemp Flag Display Presentation by Hemp US Flag
11:10 AM Candi Penn, HIA Executive Secretary
11:15 AM Santa Cruz Mayor Tim Fitzmaurice
11:20 AM Sam Clauder, Campaign for Agricultural and Industrial Renewal
11:25 AM Mari Kane introduces Virginia Strom-Martin
11:30 AM Keynote Address by California Assemblymember Virginia Strom-Martin
3:00 PM Hemp Fashion Show, 1st Set
Sunday, May 13
10:30 AM Emcee Chris Conrad
10:45 AM Mother's Day Surprise
11:00 AM Hempcar Live Call-In #2
3:00 PM Hemp Fashion Show, 2nd Set
4:00 PM "Fifth Encounters Of A Santa Cruz Kind"

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Panel Discussions

Location: Santa Cruz City Council Chambers, adjacent to the Expo.
Live Cablecast: Channel 27, Community Television of Santa Cruz County.

Saturday, May 12
12:30-1:30 Hemp Legislation Update
-Sam Clauder (Moderator), Campaign for Agricultural and Industrial Renewal
-Candi Penn, Hemp Industries Association
-Eric Steenstra, VoteHemp
2:00-3:00 Hemp Industry Quality Control
-Don Wirthshafter (Moderator), The Ohio Hempery
-David Bronner, Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps
-Dylan Hilsman, Pan World Traders
-Brianne Whitworth, Canadian Hemp Growers Association
4:30-5:30 Hemp Product Marketing 2001
-Candi Penn (Moderator), Hemp Industries Association
-Anna Herman, Anna Herman Fashion
-Carolyn Moran, Living Tree Paper
-John Roulac, Nutiva
Sunday, May 13
2:00-3:00 A Critique Of Hemp Reintroduction Activism
-Bob Lamonica (Moderator), Cruz Expo
-Chris Conrad, Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp
-Mari Kane, Hemppages
-Steve Levine, Santa Barbara Hemp Company
4:30-5:30 From A Hydrocarbon To A Carbohydrate Economy
-Tim Castleman (Moderator), Fuel and Fiber Company
-Paul Gaylon, Herbal Products
-Corrina McFarlane, Bee Bright
-Don Wirthshafter, The Ohio Hempery

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ABC Room Exhibits

  • Hemp Living Display
  • Hemp Teaching Wall
  • Hempfields Photograph Display
  • Vietnam Hemp History Exhibit

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ABC Room Workshop

  • Sunday, 12:30 PM
    Nonwood Paper Manufacturing And Marketing
    Carolyn Moran, Living Tree Paper

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Live Music

Produced by Johnny Cove - Troubador Productions

Saturday, May 12
1:00 PM "Stack Of Bones"
4:00 PM The Woodsmen
11:30 AM "Standing Wave"
1:00 PM "Big Rain"
2:30 AM "Troubador"
4:00 PM "Mudfrog"
Sunday, May 13
1:00 PM "Cat And Shout"
4:00 PM "John Bartolero"
11:30 AM "Submersions"
1:00 PM "Reeforms"
2:30 AM "Don Corralitos"
4:00 PM "Gia Mungus"

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