I lost. Without me, there would have been no campaign.
I have fought the good fight, and hold my head high.

Click here for Third District Board of Supervisors Candidate Statements. Ryan Coonerty: Platitudes and puff. Bob Lamonica: Leadership. Compare my packed with issues and positions website with the son of the sitting Supervisor’s. I took positions on issues. I had the courage to do this. Bluntly, with all sincerity, success is the end of SCC progressive establishment double standard hypocrisy.

It’s a significant honor to have run for Third District Supervisor.
I set the leadership platform early and continually all along.
See “Issues & Positions.”

I’m open. You’re invited to call 831-466-0500, to email bob@boblamonica.com and to meet me.



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 Leadership now. My 30+ years political activism is a stand for progress and truth, with openness and mutual respect. Let’s stand together.

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Bob Lamonica for Supervisor 2014. FPPC# 1361998.

Thanks much and see you soon.