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DeCinzo 6-24-14

(Steven DeCinzo, Santa Cruz Sentinel 6-24-14)

DeCinzo 6-17-14

(Steven DeCinzo, Santa Cruz Sentinel 6-17-14)

DeCinzo 6-1-14

(Steven DeCinzo, Santa Cruz Sentinel 6-1-14)

Santa Cruz Weekly
“Bob Lamonica Relishes Underdog Role in Supe Race”

Santa Cruz Good Times
“Race for the Third”

KSCO Perspectives with Tom Quinn
Guest: Bob Lamonica

Santa Cruz Local Candidates Forum at Freedom Forum

Santa Cruz Sentinel
“Third District Supervisor race: An heir apparent, his interrogator”

Santa Cruz Sentinel
“The Homestretch: Light turnout expected for Tuesday’s vote”

Santa Cruz Sentinel
“Ryan Coonerty cruises to win in 3rd district”

Santa Cruz Sentinel
“As We See It: Few surprises in low-turnout primary election”

“Why the US Must Maintain Military Supremacy”
Bob Lamonica, Santa Cruz Sentinel Op-Ed

I’m shocked, shocked to find that the Santa Cruz Sentinel has endorsed Ryan Coonerty for Third District Supervisor! 

Does ethical impropriety exist? Santa Cruz Sentinel Editorial Board member advance candidate endorsement challenged: Ceil Cirillo, one of four Santa Cruz Sentinel Editorial Board members (documented as far back as May 16, 2010, likely considerably further), endorsed Ryan Coonerty 10+ months advance of the election.

Santa Cruz Sentinel Candidate Interview Request and Response

Statement by Bob Lamonica April 2, 2014

A “mistake?” “Unendorsed?” No public correction from the Sentinel or a Coonerty public retraction:

Vote Bob for Supe June 3