Logging? We don’t need no stinking logging…

In several of its newsletters, the Central Coast Forest Association includes this quote from John Muir, Founder of the Sierra Club:

“The forests must be, and will be, not only preserved but used, and the experience of all civilized countries that have faced and solved the question show that the forests, like perennial fountains, may be made to yield a sure harvest of timber while at the same time all their far-reaching beneficent uses may be maintained unimpaired.”

What a long strange trip it’s been. But, alas! It’s never too late to get your mind right with the “Progressive” slate!

About two years ago I attended a panel discussion on the UCSC campus at Kresge College. Pronouncements in opposition to UCSC growth such as these went unchallenged by the moderator and other well-known panelists:

“Wrong to desecrate Mother Earth”; “Raping Mother Earth”; and, “We shouldn’t have to pay to live, eat and drink water.”

The preposterous religiosity of such doggerel goes hand in hand with the America being ruthless, war-mongering imperialists propaganda chant mantras of the holier-than-thou “Progressives.”

Property owners have rights. Responsible harvesting and conservation is their stewardship mandate. Thinning trees is a crucial component of fire safety. Improved efficiency timber harvesting technology will continue.

Timber Harvesting Magazine

Timber Harvesting (Logging) Machines and Systems

Managing a Successful, Sustainable Timber Harvest

Wood is good, and it’s going to come from somewhere, so why not here? Have faith in environmentally sensitive forest management practice local application of values. They can always be called to account. Loosen the noose on Santa Cruz County logging.


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