Social Services

Honest Abe, the rail splitter. Studied law by candlelight…

And it wasn’t easy to do. Neither was the phenomenal success of Steve Jobs. Both were brilliant, driven and lucky.

As for the rest of us, it’s a combination of advantage and opportunity. Life is not fair, but increasingly, outreach is the socially-conscious mitigator.

Outreach is the charity of applied humanity, brought forth in successive epochs of history by awareness of, and access to, collective abundance.

The County does a lot directly and indirectly. There will always be more to be done because it will always be a question of priorities, but what is being done now, by funding, volunteering and a concerned citizenry is exemplary. Here’s a portion:

County Departments like Child Support Services, Health Services, Human Services and multiple advisory Commissions to the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors.

Acts of Love Foundation. Counseling and physical care for the disadvantaged.

Community Action Board of Santa Cruz County. Combating poverty since 1965.

Community Bridges. Programs serving local children, families and seniors.

Community Foundation Santa Cruz County. Improving quality of life through philanthropy.

Conflict Resolution Center. Mediation and training for mutually beneficial solutions.

Encompass Community Services. Individual, child, family, youth and substance abuse support.

Family Service Agency of the Central Coast. Counseling, suicide prevention and supportive services.

Homeless Garden Project. Community homelessness and joblessness transition outreach.

Homeless Services Center. The HSC is outstanding proof of the Santa Cruz culture of compassion.

Social Services is an area where Santa Cruz County holds its head high, and with due cause. It’s the fabled “Progressives” of yore that set our course for social services leadership.

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