Abuse Of Power

Abuse of power is one of the most difficult to raise issues. It requires community building to overcome fear of outcome with transparency. If recognition and response to abuse of power is not important, nothing is.

In the real political history of Santa Cruz County the progressive establishment hides behind causes, demands acquiescence, cowers before abuse of power. Never there when courage is required, contemptible “Progressives” expect absence to be “irrelevant” and dismissible.

About all the progressive establishment stands up for is to hand each other awards. It’d be funnier if weren’t true. SCC “Progressives” cast aspersions beyond the local application of values firewall, opposing Navy ship visits, enacting Nuclear Free Zones.

It is shameful to hold leadership and take pride in power without demonstrating the requisite honor and integrity that is the public’s trust. The chief seats in the synagogue, the limelight without the light of truth. Cowardice does not require a formal conspiracy to be effective.

Don’t be intimidated like local ACLU (Santa Cruz Chapter American Civil Liberties Union), PDC (People’s Democratic Club), SCAN residuals (the now defunct but once powerful Santa Cruz Action Network) and rest that want you to forget their dismal shame in the real political history of SCC.

History swept under the rug is how we go along to get along in SCC. Nail the Koch brothers operatives while looking the other way at scoundrels in PC masks, especially when they’re local. Equal protection under the law for all? If it’s a thousand miles away, sure.

There is no timeline on truth. Fearing outcome, those presuming local political authority have long placed self-preservation above principle. Law enforcement must be held accountable or we forsake the primary obligation of our citizen responsibility.

Call to account, but never dishonor. I stand firmly and aggressively against any attempt to dishonor local law enforcement, living or dead. I am NOT anti-cop, not in the least, not at all. Alright. That cops are never wrong is wrong. See “Why Police Lie Under Oath.”

Every time I hear the word “Progressive” I reach for my copy of “Wes Modes found guilty in DIY parade case.” Progressive establishment “Wes Modes Affair” inaction shows clearly a corrupt political expediency, a seriously deficient morality and an abject cowardice.

Wes Modes conviction as the only participant in the 2009 Pacific Avenue Do It Yourself New Year’s Eve Parade lies a moldering in a County Courthouse file cabinet. There were 800 to 1000 other participants, including two former Santa Cruz Mayors. Just because you don’t like somebody doesn’t mean you get to double standard the law.

Ryan Coonerty was inaugurated Mayor second time December 14, 2010. Repeated reprisal threats from elected and appointed City Government, the Santa Cruz Police Department and Take Back Santa Cruz impelled civil disobedience for DIY 2010, and DIY 2011 to a lesser degree. DIY 2012 was a mainstream cakewalk. When the PDC shows up, you know it’s milquetoast.

Leadership now. All charges against all 75 River Street indictees must be dropped, in the name of prosecutorial misconduct. We must separate the idiocy of the “bank heist” deed from the prosecutorial misconduct outcome being imposed upon our community to accept. I first wrote publicly about this March 29, 2012.


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