Bob Lamonica 2014


I offer leadership, not platitudes to pacify a status quo. As a shockingly insulting nepotist bandwagon attempts to validate its empty and worn out claim to local political authority, in reality, it’s time to change channels.

The Third District is ready for the epiphany this campaign is destined to provide, and cannot fail to deliver. I stand my track record of accomplishment against anyone.

This is going to be a contest, not a handoff, and the rise of an independent. There was a gap between John Adams and John Quincy Adams. There was a gap between George HW Bush and George W Bush. There should be a gap between Neal Coonerty and Ryan Coonerty.

It could only be an independent – bold, mature, stoked – to breach challenge on the Heir Apparent of the ostensible Paragon Of Virtue. The presumed shoo-in is laundry-list endorsed ten plus months in advance of the election. The assumption that no one would run against Ryan Coonerty is not how this election will play out.

I’m in it to win. My name is Bob Lamonica.

Vote Bob for Supe June 3

I’d be honored to represent you with local application of values and transparency.
I will be your voice in County Government.

I’m open. You’re invited to call me, 831-466-0500, to email me,, and to meet me.



Bob Lamonica for Supervisor 2014. FPPC# 1361998.