Affordable Housing

The single largest pool of affordable housing in Santa Cruz County is mobile homes, which for the most part are not really mobile, but are “site-set” manufactured homes, often with cement foundations.

There are 70 manufactured home rental parks in Santa Cruz County and 22 more that are resident owned, housing an estimated 5000+ residents. For this reason alone, manufactured home park Rent Control in the unincorporated areas must be preserved. It is verging on elder abuse if we were to capitulate, as many park residents are senior citizens who should expect tranquility in their well-earned twilight years, not abandonment.

The impact of globalization and automation, coupled with wage stagnation, has brought median household income down to historic lows. This issue is aggravated by the high cost of housing in such a desirable setting as we have in Santa Cruz County.

(If temporary housing is truly called for by public appeal, here’s a landscape changing possibility: “Ikea Sends Its New Flatpack Refugee Shelter to Syria.”)

Remediation comes in many forms, and Santa Cruz is a leader in affordable housing attempt and practice. Some examples:

The 1978 voter initiative Measure J created Santa Cruz County’s innovative Below Market Rate housing program, whereby housing construction projects with more than 5 units are to designate 15% of the units as affordable to low and moderate income households. This has been “relaxed” somewhat, but offset funds collected go towards affordable housing projects, including for the chronically homeless.

The Santa Cruz County Housing Authority is highly proactive, providing rental assistance and homeowner assistance programs.

The City of Santa Cruz is a clear leader in Accessory Dwelling Unit affordable housing. Read about it here.

Sure, more needs to be done, but let’s applaud the great work and accomplishments we have, and build from them. Affordable housing is an issue that’s here to stay.

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