Public Safety

We are definitely in a law enforcement surge, by popular demand, by direct and representative vote of the people. We need an active citizenry willing to engage the community on this vital issue.

“Public Safety” is not a euphemism for “Police State.” Outside of national defense, the primary role of any jurisdiction, municipal to national, is to insure domestic tranquility within its boundaries.

Second only to combat duty, law enforcement is the greatest request we can ask our fellow citizens. It is Service of the most significant form, where life itself stands on the front, and indeed, on occasion giving their last full measure of devotion.

I marvel at the sacrifice of law enforcement service, which includes Police Officers, District Attorneys, Public Defenders and Judges (AND fire fighters AND first responders, who as well stand on the front). I was at a Santa Cruz Neighbors gathering a while back. Aside from being mystified no “Progressives” I knew were there at such an effort to empower the citizenry, and the delight of helping Santa Cruz Police Chief Kevin Vogel set up chairs, a main relearning for me was the great difficulty law enforcement personnel must have dealing with the heinous cruelty the human condition manifests. One Assistant DA spoke of this, visualizing his daughter in the position of a sexually molested child in a case he was prosecuting, while remaining objective.

OK. Abuse of power happens. We know this from the work of The Innocence Project, among other proofs. The further we proceed down the inevitable path of a surveillance-enabled society, the more urgent we raise this priority.

The way to do it is nobody gets hurt, and no one’s honor, living or dead, is impinged, which is not only possible, but achievable. We can honor and appreciate Law Enforcement while admitting their humanness. The first step is respect for the difficult mission we entrust law enforcement with, always striving for transparency, forgiveness and understanding, and not to pillory.

God bless America.

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