Local Application Of Values

Let me start out defining some terms:

Deception, purposeful misleading dishonesty.
Treachery, purposeful trust betrayal.
Acknowledgement, admitting ethical failure.
Accountability, specific answerable consequences.
Remorse, specific sorrowful regret.

Deception and treachery are rooted in biology. We recognize these impulses looking at ourselves critically. Human beings can, and do, rise above biological drives. Politics does not warrant deception and treachery, in theory or practice. Because your insider group says “we want to win” doesn’t justify utilizing tactics routinely condemned when those opposed engage them.

Acknowledgement, accountability and remorse are what distinguishes power with hypocrisy from power with honor. Mutual respect starts with self-respect, and shows its vacancy in those that cannot ever admit they were wrong, or ever apologize for impropriety. Usually, these are cases of ostensible paragons of virtue who think they’re better than you or I, and see no reason to admit frailty to a lesser than they consider themselves.

In Santa Cruz County we have a rather unique display of pronounced lack of local application of values. This is the great failure of the “Progressives” who consider their stance on national and international issues sufficient cover to dismiss their cowardly double standard locally.

If it’s beyond the local application of values firewall, these self-righteous “Progressives” will shout out their approval or disapproval. This is particularly acute with issues of abuse of power. Locally, they are silent. Beyond the local application of values firewall, where it takes no real courage to stand up, they launch protest campaigns and posture endlessly.

I have a long history of contempt for the “Progressives” over this crucial component of political life that I do not deny. I’ve seen how they look the other way and go along to get along when it serves their petty power interests, decade after decade. Forty years of progressive establishment double standard hypocrisy is enough. 2014 can be the pivotal year where we turn the tide on local application of values ethical impropriety.

It’s time to change channels. Vote Bob for Supe June 3!


Vote Bob for Supe June 3