I am not a flaming environmentalist. There is cause for balance in our earthly concerns. Solar cell manufacturing requires toxic processing. Wood is good, and “forest management” is not necessarily cash-in-now clear-cutting. Big Creek Lumber is a renowned leader in environmentally sensitive forest management.

Modern civilization is a trade-off with toxification of some of the environment. Local application of values asks the we apply standards in Santa Cruz County that we would wish the rest of Spaceship Earth to realistically emulate.

What we can and must do is close off our pollution loops. The technology is here, now, to do this. Excuses don’t cut it anymore for denying our impact on the ecosystem, which knows no borders. To close off our pollution loops to the degree technologically possible might take 50 years, so let’s get going.

My present “take” on “global warming” includes the positive, empowering consequences of sped-up global development, fossil fuels, etc:

1. We now have a technological infrastructure unfathomable 30 years ago.

2. We now have a global economy unfathomable 30 years ago.

3. We are in the midst of fundamental technological change with far-reaching effects.

4. The world is volatile. Humans will survive, and thrive, and if need, build levees to protect coastal communities.

5. Electricity, running water, sewer systems and cars are not “bad,” we’re learning how to clean up our act and hopefully “chill out.”

There are many, many others, but let me mention four groups that are exemplary leadership stewards of the regional environment, evolving with the times:

Sempervirens. I don’t know if it gets any better than this.

Land Trust of Santa Cruz County. Conservation and outreach as good as it gets.

Save Our Shores. Effective, engaging marine environment advocacy.

Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition. High-tech manufacturing environmental accountability.

“Progressive” accomplishments deserve generous applause, and the Environment is a big score for them as are Social Services local application of values. Look around, ain’t no question about it, so kudos, y’all.

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