Arguably, our direction in anthropological time is mutual respect. Eventually, the further past survival the more inclined towards service.

Activism is individual engagement in the political process through participation.

Voting is activism. At what point are we accountable for our political participation, the very right to vote itself, or is it perpetually to be “I was told”?

Donating is activism. Contributing or not contributing to political causes and candidates acknowledges or denies our participatory role in the financial reality of politics.

Everything we do or don’t do politically is activism, by commission and omission. When we stand up and take a position on an issue, that’s activism. When we go along to get along and look the other way, that’s activism.

It’s through coalitions on issues and candidates that we affirm mutual respect. Issue and candidate advocacy is not license to demand broad-based groupthink submission.

Participation is not a pledge of conformity. Taking a position on an issue means standing up, politically engaged, as an individual.

Many of us fear ambiguity, and taking positions on issues as individuals. When an individual feels at ease they will express their own position on an issue. It may differ from friends, affiliates, their spouse. Rather than risk being “wrong” we deflect to a political party.

Political parties do not replace individual integrity. Out of disfellowship fear (social set shunned/ostracized) we go along to get along. Political parties are expediencies to power. We don’t need a third party, we need to reduce the influence of political parties.

I’m into empowering. Mutual respect starts with self respect. We are either worthy of the right to participate as individuals or we are not. I assert there is a highest common denominator to strive for. How to think, not what to think, is the way to go.

I’m an individual, like you. Don’t expect perfection or to agree on all things. Let’s gather together in goodwill, and grow from the effort.

Leadership now. My 30+ years political activism is a stand for progress and truth, with openness and mutual respect. Let’s stand together.

Leadership. Empowering. Inspiring. This is our time.

Vote Bob for Supe June 3

Bob Lamonica for Supervisor 2014. FPPC# 1361998.