Needle Exchange

Public safety concerns are a reality, with difficult decisions being made to distinguish between assisting those in need and enabling bad behavior. Needle Exchanges enable bad behavior.

Providing intravenous drug users with the implement of their destruction does not hold good logic. If we hand out needles free, how are users getting their substance? They steal.

The times they are a-changin’. Tolerance is a good thing up to when it enables bad behavior, which is the taking advantage of cultural tolerance in a manner harmful to the domestic tranquility of others, and oneself.

It’s taken a while for the Boomers (my generation) to reboot from its weaned into adulthood lackadaisical tolerance. That’s why it took groups like Take Back Santa Cruz to emerge and provide honest analysis and objective leadership on the consequences of too much tolerance. We may criticize TBSC for lacking a civil rights component, but it appears to me they are working on this, and their work, and the work of others, to bring light to crucial issues avoided to the point of crisis by a generation of locals is a very positive step in the right direction – take personal accountability or no handouts.

A responsible, disease prevention acknowledging Needle Exchange entitlement supported by County Government would ID and track one-for-one, and require registration in an accredited and licensed substance abuse treatment program.

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