How Come?

If somebody had told me before October 19th that I’d run for Supervisor, I wouldn’t have believed them.

Saturday morning, October 19, 2013, on Eureka Canyon Road: Why not me?… I can do this… I should do this.

I popped it on Jane (my wife) that evening, and although initially apprehensive, because it changes everything, she knew it was important, and has been incredibly supportive.

Candidate Intention Statement filed 10/22. Preliminary website launched 10/28.

Campaign is fun and revealing. Somebody needed to breach challenge on Ryan Coonerty. Like I said at get-go, “It would be like Victor Lazlo getting out of Casablanca. It’s time for me to do this. It’s what flowed.” (cut from website homepage 11/15). I’m in it to win, and want to leave a hopefully useful mark whatever the outcome and hold my head high when it’s over, whatever the outcome.

I bring issues and a perspective nobody else will. My mere presence in the campaign for Third District Supervisor makes waves, and I know it.

Leadership. Empowering. Inspiring. This is our time.

Vote Bob for Supe June 3

Bob Lamonica for Supervisor 2014. FPPC# 1361998.